The pulse of Biking Britain.

Bike, Britain’s biggest-selling new bike magazine, has started the year with some big changes - including more pages, more tests and more adventures than before.
Bike is new from front to back, reflecting what our readers want to see more of during a period of growing bike sales and significant new launches.
The new Bike will feature even more new bikes and cover them in greater detail. We have introduced major refinements to our single- and multi-bike road tests, along with the most comprehensive long-term ownership tests in the business.
There are more stories devoted to bike buying, along with our 22-page Know-How section dedicated to the practicalities of bike ownership – including buying used, tyre choice, riding technique and kit advice.
To underline Bike’s heritage as a pioneer of two-wheeled adventure, we have expanded our travel section to bring to life the world’s most exciting and inspirational destinations.
We hope that the new magazine is similar to the latest version of your favourite bike – all the familiar things that you like, but in a package that performs better, reads better and has better detailing.

Hugo Wilson